The ICU-CARES Initiative: ICU Collection, Analysis, and Response to Evaluations of Satisfaction
CCCF ePoster library, Orla Smith, 150915
Pilot Study for the SQUEEZE Trial: a Trial to Determine Whether Septic Shock Reversal is Quicker in Pediatric Patients Randomized to an Early Goal Directed Fluid-Sparing Strategy vs. Usual Care (SQUEEZE)
CCCF ePoster library, Melissa Parker, 150908
Utilizing Frontline Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses as Superusers to Assist Nurses Transition to a New Digital ICU
CCCF ePoster library, Francis Cacao, 150902
Higher concentration of antithrombin administrations improve clinical outcome in patients with septic disseminated intravascular coagulation.
CCCF ePoster library, Hiroyuki Koami, 150898
A randomized cross-over physiological study of high flow nasal oxygen cannula versus non-invasive ventilation in adult patients with cystic fibrosis: The HIFEN Study
CCCF ePoster library, Michael Sklar, 150892
Continuous Abdominal Negative Pressure - Augments PEEP, Reduces Lung Injury
CCCF ePoster library, Takeshi Yoshida, 150886
Association Between Implementation of an e-Alert for Detection of Acute Kidney Injury and Processes of Care and Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Philippe Lachance, 150880
Care in Canadian Intensive Care Units
CCCF ePoster library, Josh Fagbemi, 150920
Conducting Multi-Centre, International, Observational Studies During the End-of-Life in Intensive Care - Setting up and Managing the DePPaRT Study
CCCF ePoster library, Amanda van Beinum, 150914
Drug Administration To Critically Ill Children: Frequency, Diversity And Compatibility
CCCF ePoster library, Melany Gaetani, 150907
Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells improve survival in fecal peritonitis induced sepsis while increasing heme oxygenase 1 expression in rats
CCCF ePoster library, Mirjana Jerkic, 150897
High-flow oxygen via nasal cannulae in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Murdoch Leeies, 150891
Sampling Frequency of Ventilation Parameters for Studying Outcomes and Quality of Mechanical Ventilation.
CCCF ePoster library, Marcello Schmidt, 150885
The compatibility of Lactated Ringer's Solution with red-cell-containing human blood products: a systematic review
CCCF ePoster library, Dianna Wolfe, 150879
Effect of a multidisciplinary cost-awareness campaign on medication expenditures in an intensive care unit
CCCF ePoster library, Sannifer Hoi, 150919
End-of-life care among recently immigrated versus long-standing residents of Ontario, Canada: A population-level retrospective decedent cohort study
CCCF ePoster library, Christopher Yarnell, 150913
Clinical Management of Neurogenic Mediated Cardiomyopathy in Children
CCCF ePoster library, Rebecca Smith, 150906
Empowering Nurses to Prompt Prescribers to Review Antibiotic Use in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): A Novel Mechanism for Improved Antibiotic Awareness and Utilization.
CCCF ePoster library, Danielle Ferreira, 150900
Prognostic value of activated protein C in patients with septic shock
CCCF ePoster library, Katharina Bosch, 150896
CCCF ePoster library, Juliana Giraldo Salazar, 150890
New automated algorithm to calculate the percentage of muscle unloading during mechanical ventilation
CCCF ePoster library, Irene Telias, 150884
OPTIMAL Selection for and Timing to Start Renal Replacement in Critically Ill Older Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (OPTIMAL-AKI): A Prospective Observational Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Ron Wald, 150878
Critical Care at the End of Life: A Population-Level Retrospective Cohort Study of Cost and Outcomes in Ontario
CCCF ePoster library, Dipayan Chaudhuri, 155976
Impact of Initial Lactate Level on ED Management of Patients with Sepsis: A Multicentre Retrospective Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Victor Lo, 155977
Driving pressure is not associated with hospital mortality in patients without ARDS.
CCCF ePoster library, Marcello Schmidt, 155978
Economic evaluation of the very elderly admitted to intensive care unit in Canada
CCCF ePoster library, Nicolas Chin-Yee, 155979
Therapeutic Efficacy of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived Extracellular Vesicles in pre-clinical Model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
CCCF ePoster library, Amir Khashayar Varkouhi, 155980
A Missed Opportunity? - The impact of witnessing CPR in shared hospital rooms on patients’ goals of care.
CCCF ePoster library, Jenna Spring, 155981
Intensive insulin therapy in severe traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
CCCF ePoster library, Hourmazd Haghbayan, 117314
The Impact of an In Situ Simulation Intervention on Interprofessional Collaboration during Critical Events.
CCCF ePoster library, Catherine Villemure, 117318
Moral Distress and Burnout Among Healthcare Providers in a Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care
CCCF ePoster library, Sean M Bagshaw, 117299
Prehospital management and identification of Sepsis by Emergency Medical Services: A Systematic Review
CCCF ePoster library, Daniel Lane, 117302
Feasibility and utility of video and photographic data for interprofessional exploration of oral hygiene application barriers in intubated and mechanically ventilated adults: A pilot study
CCCF ePoster library, Craig M. Dale, 117328
Prevalence, Characteristics and Outcomes of Ventilator-Associated-Conditions
CCCF ePoster library, Ameir Makar, 117356
Prediction and validation of hemodialysis duration in acute methanol poisoning
CCCF ePoster library, Philippe Lachance, 114745
Comparison of Changes in Pleural Pressure Swings Measured with a Fluid Filled Esophageal Catheter and Pulmonary Artery Occlusion Pressure
CCCF ePoster library, Laïla Samy, 114761
The Deferred Consent Model in A Low Risk Study Evaluating Myocardial Injury in the ICU
CCCF ePoster library, Kimia Honarmand, 114771
Capacity Strain Increases Mortality Risk among Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units – A Two-Stage Modeling Strategy
CCCF ePoster library, Sean M Bagshaw, 117331
Co-enrollment and Deferred Consent, Strategies to optimize recruitment in critical care trials: The DYNAMICS DUO study
CCCF ePoster library, Ellen McDonald, 114748
Health Care Provider Perceptions of Sources and Impact of Strain on Intensive Care Unit Capacity: A Qualitative Study
CCCF ePoster library, Dawn Opgenorth, 117308
Accidental brain stem anesthesia leading to hypoxic respiratory failure as a rare complication of local anesthesia infiltration.
CCCF ePoster library, Braden Waters, 117341
Informing the design of Integrating Data Software in Critical Care: A Systematic Review of the Impact on Clinician Performance and Meta-Analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Ying Ling Lin, 117366
Technique and Validity of Sniff Airway Pressure and Sniff Diaphragm Thickening to Assess Diaphragm Function
CCCF ePoster library, Stefannie Vorona, 117368
Intralipid Resuscitation Confers Survival Advantage Compared to ClinOleic in Rats Overdosed with Propranolol
CCCF ePoster library, Kimberly Macala, 114744
Physician Perceptions of Sources and Impact of Strain on Intensive Care Unit Capacity: A Qualitative Study
CCCF ePoster library, Sean M Bagshaw, 117313
Source Data Verification in a Critical Care Academic Observational Study
CCCF ePoster library, Nam Topp-Nguyen, 117350
Informing the design of Integrating Data Software in Critical Care: A Systematic Review and Meta-Ethnography on the Use of Continuous Monitoring Data
CCCF ePoster library, Lauren Kolodzey, 117363
An observational study to assess diaphragmatic muscle inactivity in mechanically ventilated ICU patients
CCCF ePoster library, Ibrahim Soliman, 117380
Impact of High-Flow Nasal Cannula on Respiratory Distress in Pediatric Intensive Care
CCCF ePoster library, Atsushi Kawaguchi, 117305
CCCF ePoster library, Sachin Dattatraya Desai, 117372
Regional Efforts to Advance Critical Care in Community Hospitals (REACHout): Implementation and Evaluation of a Complex, Multimodal Intervention
CCCF ePoster library, Aimee Sarti, 114758
CCCF ePoster library, Sachin Dattatraya Desai, 117337
An exploratory investigation into the roles of Critical Care Response Teams in end-of-life care
CCCF ePoster library, Michael Hartwick, 117336
Scholars and Collaborators on the Frontline: Resident-led Research in a Prospective, Observational Study in Critically Ill Patients
CCCF ePoster library, Diana Ulic, 117362
Ventilator Management of Bronchopleural Fistula Secondary to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Necrotizing Pneumonia in a Pregnant Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
CCCF ePoster library, Ahmed Alohali, 114755
CCCF ePoster library, Ilaria Alice Crippa, 114773
CCCF ePoster library, Sachin Dattatraya Desai, 117374
Do attending and trainee physicians agree on patient prognoses using the surprise question?
CCCF ePoster library, Christopher Yarnell, 117339
Extracorporeal Life Support for Severe Leptospirosis – First Reported Case in North America
CCCF ePoster library, Gurmeet Singh, 117317
Weaning from Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation: Use of Speaking Valve Trials
CCCF ePoster library, Stephen Kowalski, 114753
An Analysis of Reporting According to the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) Guidelines for Pre-Clinical Studies of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of Acute Lung Injury
CCCF ePoster library, Marc Avey, 117360
Using the relationship between brain tissue regional saturation of oxygen and mean arterial pressure to determine the optimal mean arterial pressure in patients following cardiac arrest: A pilot study
CCCF ePoster library, Tahara Bhate, 117345
Assessment of Pain and Delirium in Adult ICU Patients: A Cross-sectional Observation Study at a Tertiary-Care Teaching Center.
CCCF ePoster library, Saleha Munawar, 117382
Migrating tracheobronchial foreign body (betel nut) causing recurrent cardiac arrest in a child: case report
CCCF ePoster library, Sachin Desai, 117384
CCCF ePoster library, Alice Grassi, 117334
Pedagogical Role of Bedside Ultrasound
CCCF ePoster library, Samantha Arora, 117349
Alternative Methods to Determine Optimum Mean Arterial Blood Pressure After Cardiac Arrest using Cerebral Oximetry
CCCF ePoster library, Tahara Bhate, 114772
An extubation pathway for safe extubation practices and preparedness for extubation failure in the ICU
CCCF ePoster library, Houman Khosravani, 117370
Development and Initiation of a Neurocritical Care Curriculum for Toronto Adult Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program in Canada
CCCF ePoster library, Alberto Goffi, 114774
Functional and phenotypic characterisation of alveolar and circulating neutrophil subsets in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
CCCF ePoster library, Jatinder Juss, 117319
Check and supplement calcium levels earlier in trauma bleeding!  Our retrospective review of 1146 trauma cases revealed calcium checks often delayed or omitted, a high rate of hypocalcaemia correlating strongly with mortality and massive transfusion,
CCCF ePoster library, John Kelly, 117327
High Spinal Anesthesia and Delirium Incidence After Cardiac Surgery
CCCF ePoster library, Andrea Petropolis, 117369
Experiential learning and deliberate practice in organ donation: development and implementation of an in-situ simulation-based program for ICU trainees
CCCF ePoster library, Veronique Brunette, 114770
CCCF ePoster library, Ustina Jung-Eun Huh, 117330
Anemia is Common Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage:  SAHaRA - a Canadian Multi-Centre Retrospective Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Shane English, 117354
Development and implementation of a successful hybrid on-site critical care course in a community based hospital.
CCCF ePoster library, Betty Anne Whelan, 114765
Cancer Associated Hyponatremia, Using a physiological Approach to Diagnostics and Therapeutics
CCCF ePoster library, Mohammad Ali Shafiee Umar Sharif, 117303
Cerebral Oximetry and Post-Operative Delirium in Cardiac Surgery Patients
CCCF ePoster library, Tanya Mailhot, 117322
Lung microenvironment profiles in mouse models of ARDS
CCCF ePoster library, Alice Aili Luo, 117359
Evaluating agreement between USCOM and 2D-echocardiographic hemodynamic measurements in pediatric patients
CCCF ePoster library, Najwa Al Rahbi, 117361
Noninvasive ventilation in patients with hematologic malignancy: a retrospective review
CCCF ePoster library, Jiajia Liu, 117386
Practice Makes Perfect: Interim Summary of High Fidelity Mock Code Blue Simulation at The Ottawa Hospital.
CCCF ePoster library, Daniel Soliman, 114762
Patterns of use and influence of goal-directed transesophageal echocardiography in critically ill patients: a single centre, retrospective review
CCCF ePoster library, Shoeb Ahsan, 114766
Use of Bispectral Index Monitoring to Detect Early Deep Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
CCCF ePoster library, Ming Xu, 117295
A descriptive analysis of risk factors of unplanned extubations in a pediatric intensive care unit at the Hospital for Sick Children: a retrospective cohort study.
CCCF ePoster library, Cameron Williams, 117343
Effects of mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) carrying Hepatocyte Growth factor (HGF) in a mouse model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) associated lung fibrosis
CCCF ePoster library, Diana Islam, 117358
The Role of NIPPV in Patient with community acquired pneumonia presenting to ER
CCCF ePoster library, Amjad Al-Rajhi, 114747
Chloride concentration of IV albumin solutions available at Canadian hospitals.
CCCF ePoster library, Tina Millen, 117324
The role of nucleophosmin in mediating the LPS-induced lung injury
CCCF ePoster library, Manshu Li, 117335
Characterisation of fluid balance over time: preliminary results from the Role of Active Deresuscitation After Resuscitation (RADAR) study.
CCCF ePoster library, Jon Silversides, 117340 – Resident Education using mobile Apps and a flipped classroom
CCCF ePoster library, Houman Khosravani, 117385
Methodological quality and reporting of cluster randomized controlled trials in critical care medicine: A systematic review
CCCF ePoster library, David Cook, 117381
Prophylactic Enoxaparin in Critically Ill Patients with Severe Renal Insufficiency
CCCF ePoster library, Lana A. Castellucci, 114763
Development of a structured scholar program for critical care fellows.
CCCF ePoster library, Marat Slessarev, 117351
THERAPIES: THe Evaluation of practice & Risks from Adminstration of Pharmacotherapies into Intravascular devicES
CCCF ePoster library, Randolph Kissoon, 117376
Does serum albumin correlate with measures of volume status in septic ICU patients?
CCCF ePoster library, Paula Pop, 117296
Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Systemic Sepsis in Preclinical Animal Models: A Systematic Review
CCCF ePoster library, Katrina J Sullivan, 117332
Porto-splenic pulsatility in cardiac surgical patients: a promising novel and clinically useful sign of renal congestion from fluid overload.
CCCF ePoster library, William Beaubien-Souligny, 117311
Strategies to Increase Family Presence in the Critical Care Unit (CrCU)
CCCF ePoster library, Danielle Ferreira, 114749
Colour Stability Testing in Pantoprazole Formulations
CCCF ePoster library, Nicole Zytaruk, 117333

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