Respiratory System Resistance as the Index of Severity for Respiratory Failure Caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus
CCCF ePoster library, Kenji Morimoto, 151012
Safety and efficacy of nafamostat mesilate as an anticoagulant for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit
CCCF ePoster library, Takayuki Sueishi, 150947
Evaluation of access to adrenaline in different non-operative clinical areas-A Blind Study
CCCF ePoster library, Haider Abbas, 150960
The impact of delayed biliary decompression and antimicrobial therapy in 260 patients with cholangitis-associated septic shock.
CCCF ePoster library, Constantine Karvellas, 150971
The impact of a neurological emergency 'crash cart' on high-risk medication delivery in a general medical-surgical intensive care unit
CCCF ePoster library, Henry Ajzenberg, 150998
Information Sources and Utilization during ICU Clinical Rounds: An Observational Study
CCCF ePoster library, Ashwin Padiyath, 150930
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Severe MERS - CoV: A Retrospective Observational Study
CCCF ePoster library, Kim Lewis, 150946
Canada-DONATE: a National Program of Research in Deceased Organ Donation
CCCF ePoster library, Maureen Meade, 150952
Iatrogenic Withdrawal Syndrome due to Opioids in Critically Ill Patients: a Multicenter Prospective Obeservationnal Study
CCCF ePoster library, David Williamson, 150959
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Patients with Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Clara Lu, 150970
Implementation strategies for a systematic pain assessment approach in the adult intensive care unit: Selection from members of the inter-professional team
CCCF ePoster library, Melissa Richard-Lalonde, 150929
Raising Early Mobility to New Heights
CCCF ePoster library, Maria Teresa Palleschi, 150912
Lung microenvironment-dependent protective vs detrimental effects of MSC administration in experimental ARDS
CCCF ePoster library, Diana Islam, 150940
Retained Donor Lung Monocytes Play a Key Role in Primary Graft Dysfunction
CCCF ePoster library, Kate Tatham, 150953
CCCF ePoster library, Jen Heng Pek, 150958
Early warning scores in the emergency department to identify patients at risk of sepsis and death: A retrospective cohort pilot study
CCCF ePoster library, Steven Skitch, 150969
Accuracy of P0.1 displayed by modern ventilators - A bench study
CCCF ePoster library, Irene Telias, 150933
Communication in Anaesthesia: A Systematic Review of the Literature
CCCF ePoster library, Mike Tylee, 150928
Circulating Inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Mediators in Critically Ill Patients
CCCF ePoster library, Dessi Loukov, 150939
Long-term extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation support strategies in a child with respiratory failure from acute respiratory distress syndrome as a bridge to lung transplantation.
CCCF ePoster library, Valerie Brule, 150944
Evaluation of left and right heart function by echocardiography in potential heart donors: a cohort study
CCCF ePoster library, Karim Serri, 150950
Dexmedetomidine Use in Critically Ill Adults at a Large Canadian Academic Teaching Hospital
CCCF ePoster library, Salmaan Kanji, 150957
Developing a Cross-Discipline Evidence-Based Palliative Care Curriculum for Pediatric, Neurology, Anesthesia and ICU Residents
CCCF ePoster library, Samuel Stewart, 150964
Predictive performance of the qSOFA score in a population of Emergency Department Patients with Sepsis
CCCF ePoster library, Shannon Fernando, 150968
Sleep assessment in critically ill patients the night before a spontaneous breathing trial: a feasibility and descriptive study.
CCCF ePoster library, Martin Dres, 150934
Factors Associated with the Increasing Rates of Discharges Directly Home From Intensive Care Units - Direct from ICU Sent Home (DISH Study)
CCCF ePoster library, Vincent Lau, 150927
Effects of an integrative relaxation intervention on inflammatory and stress biomarkers in critically ill patients
CCCF ePoster library, Elizabeth Papathanassoglou, 150938
A Generic Measure of Graft Function for Deceased Donation Research
CCCF ePoster library, Maureen Meade, 150951
Alpha-2 agonists as sedative agents in mechanically-ventilated neurocritical care patients: a systematic review
CCCF ePoster library, Alexandre Tran, 150956
Inducible Antibiotic Resistance in Aeromonas Hydrophilia Leading to Necrotizing Fasciitis, Complete Forequarter Amputation, and Death
CCCF ePoster library, David Katz, 150963
Evaluating serum albumin as a marker of volume status and inflammation in septic intensive care unit (ICU) patients: a prospective observational study
CCCF ePoster library, Paula Pop, 150967
PCSK9 regulates Lipoprotein-dependent uptake of Bacterial Lipids by Hepatocyte-like cells through LDL receptor
CCCF ePoster library, Peter Grin, 150937
Survey of RT extubation Practices Prior to Introduction of an RT-driven Extubation Pathway
CCCF ePoster library, Houman Khosravani, 150932
Accuracy of a wrist-worn wearable device for monitoring heart rates in hospital inpatients: A prospective observational study
CCCF ePoster library, Ryan Kroll, 150926
Fibrin formation, Hemolysis and Blood Product Usage in Children on the Cardiohelp ECMO circuit
CCCF ePoster library, Fiona Muttalib, 150942
The Effect of Massage on Acute Postoperative Pain in Critically and Acutely Ill Adults Post-Thoracic Surgery: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
CCCF ePoster library, Madalina Boitor, 150955
Developing and Delivering a Wellbeing Agenda for Trainees.
CCCF ePoster library, Aoife Quinn, 150962
Targeted Lactate Clearance in the Management of Patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials
CCCF ePoster library, Sunjay Sharma, 150966
Sedation & Mobilization during Venovenous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (VV-ECMO) for Acute Respiratory Failure: An International Survey
CCCF ePoster library, Julian deBacker, 150945
The association between Brain Fatty Acid Binding protein serum levels with survival and intracranial hypertension in acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure patients: a case control study.
CCCF ePoster library, Jaime Lynn Speiser, 150936
Interventions to facilitate weaning from mechanical ventilation in difficult to wean patients due to delirium, agitation or anxiety: a systematic review and meta-analysis
CCCF ePoster library, David Williamson, 150931
Reorganizing ICU care with electronic medical records implementation: A time-motion study of nursing care in the PICU
CCCF ePoster library, Nadia Roumeliotis, 150925
Characterization of Analgesia and Sedation Practice in ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation treated patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (CASPER): a retrospective study
CCCF ePoster library, Julian deBacker, 150941
Timing is Everything: Potential Missed Opportunities for Organ Donation after Circulatory Death due to Untimely Referral
CCCF ePoster library, Sonny Dhanani, 150948
Evaluating the Use of Dexmedetomidine in Intubated and Non- intubated Patients in the Intensive Care Unit : A Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore
CCCF ePoster library, Huanyan Wong, 150954
Early Recognition of and Response to Acute Deterioration (ERRAD): Teaching Critical Care Thinking to Medical Students
CCCF ePoster library, Niall Filewod, 150961
Conservative Fluid Strategies Decrease Mortality in Resuscitated Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Christina Katsios, 150965
The effect of standardized endotracheal intubation guidelines
CCCF ePoster library, Yeon Hwa Chung, 150935
Sources and Impact of Strain on Intensive Care Unit Capacity: a Survey of Critical Care Providers
CCCF ePoster library, Dawn Opgenorth, 150924
Personalizing Care for Critically Ill Patients: The Footprints Project
CCCF ePoster library, Neala Hoad, 150918
Functional Recovery in Critically ill Children, the 'Weecover' Multi-centre Study
CCCF ePoster library, Karen Choong, 150911
Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement team when empowered can reduce mortality in an extremely high risk patient population requiring ECMO
CCCF ePoster library, Faisal Masud, 150905
Deflation Injury following Release of Sustained PEEP
CCCF ePoster library, Bhushan Katira, 150895
A simple approach to estimate alveolar recruitability in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: a validation study
CCCF ePoster library, Lu Chen, 150889
Early Dialysis vs Standard Care in the ICU: A Systematic Review and Cost-Analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Brent Herritt, 150883
Risk factor for acutely deteriorated within 24 hours after admitted to the general ward from emergency department
CCCF ePoster library, YounKyung Jung, 150923
The SPIRIT Study: Spirituality in the Intensive Care Unit
CCCF ePoster library, Nigel Bone, 150917
A qualitative study of the perceived barriers and facilitators to early mobilization of critically ill children
CCCF ePoster library, Katina Zheng, 150910
Pilot Project: Transforming Nursing Orientation in an Intensive Care Unit Using the Training Within Industry Concept
CCCF ePoster library, Cynthia Orlicki, 150904
Are Changes in Diaphragm Thickness During Mechanical Ventilation Associated With Outcomes? A Prospective Multi-Centre Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Michael Sklar, 150894
Diaphragm Echogenicity in Mechanically Ventilated Patients: Measurement Precision and Preliminary Findings
CCCF ePoster library, Stephen Riegler, 150888
Prior hospital length of stay at ICU admission and hospital mortality
CCCF ePoster library, Julien Viau-Lapointe, 150916
Early Exercise in Critically ill Youth and Children, a Preliminary Evaluation (The wEECYCLE Pilot trial)
CCCF ePoster library, Saif Awladthani, 150909
Empowering Staff to Lead Quality Improvement and Safety: Safety Briefing Checklist
CCCF ePoster library, Lily Waugh, 150903
Cinaciguat Confers a Survival Advantage in Sepsis in Young & Aged Mice
CCCF ePoster library, Kimberly Macala, 150899
CCCF ePoster library, Bhushan Katira, 150893
Assessing the Physiological Response to PEEP in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure: Proposed Structured Clinical Intervention Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
CCCF ePoster library, Misan Lee, 150887
Trans-membrane pressure (TMP) and 24 hour filter patency (24FP) in high vs low dose citrate regimens in citrate continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH).
CCCF ePoster library, Xavier Willaert, 150881
Cost Savings Associated with Reducing ICU Length of Stay in Canada, 2012-2013
CCCF ePoster library, Jessica Evans, 150921
The ICU-CARES Initiative: ICU Collection, Analysis, and Response to Evaluations of Satisfaction
CCCF ePoster library, Orla Smith, 150915
Pilot Study for the SQUEEZE Trial: a Trial to Determine Whether Septic Shock Reversal is Quicker in Pediatric Patients Randomized to an Early Goal Directed Fluid-Sparing Strategy vs. Usual Care (SQUEEZE)
CCCF ePoster library, Melissa Parker, 150908
Utilizing Frontline Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses as Superusers to Assist Nurses Transition to a New Digital ICU
CCCF ePoster library, Francis Cacao, 150902
Higher concentration of antithrombin administrations improve clinical outcome in patients with septic disseminated intravascular coagulation.
CCCF ePoster library, Hiroyuki Koami, 150898
A randomized cross-over physiological study of high flow nasal oxygen cannula versus non-invasive ventilation in adult patients with cystic fibrosis: The HIFEN Study
CCCF ePoster library, Michael Sklar, 150892
Continuous Abdominal Negative Pressure - Augments PEEP, Reduces Lung Injury
CCCF ePoster library, Takeshi Yoshida, 150886
Association Between Implementation of an e-Alert for Detection of Acute Kidney Injury and Processes of Care and Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Philippe Lachance, 150880
Care in Canadian Intensive Care Units
CCCF ePoster library, Josh Fagbemi, 150920
Conducting Multi-Centre, International, Observational Studies During the End-of-Life in Intensive Care - Setting up and Managing the DePPaRT Study
CCCF ePoster library, Amanda van Beinum, 150914
Drug Administration To Critically Ill Children: Frequency, Diversity And Compatibility
CCCF ePoster library, Melany Gaetani, 150907
Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells improve survival in fecal peritonitis induced sepsis while increasing heme oxygenase 1 expression in rats
CCCF ePoster library, Mirjana Jerkic, 150897
High-flow oxygen via nasal cannulae in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis
CCCF ePoster library, Murdoch Leeies, 150891
Sampling Frequency of Ventilation Parameters for Studying Outcomes and Quality of Mechanical Ventilation.
CCCF ePoster library, Marcello Schmidt, 150885
The compatibility of Lactated Ringer's Solution with red-cell-containing human blood products: a systematic review
CCCF ePoster library, Dianna Wolfe, 150879
Effect of a multidisciplinary cost-awareness campaign on medication expenditures in an intensive care unit
CCCF ePoster library, Sannifer Hoi, 150919
End-of-life care among recently immigrated versus long-standing residents of Ontario, Canada: A population-level retrospective decedent cohort study
CCCF ePoster library, Christopher Yarnell, 150913
Clinical Management of Neurogenic Mediated Cardiomyopathy in Children
CCCF ePoster library, Rebecca Smith, 150906
Empowering Nurses to Prompt Prescribers to Review Antibiotic Use in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): A Novel Mechanism for Improved Antibiotic Awareness and Utilization.
CCCF ePoster library, Danielle Ferreira, 150900
Prognostic value of activated protein C in patients with septic shock
CCCF ePoster library, Katharina Bosch, 150896
CCCF ePoster library, Juliana Giraldo Salazar, 150890
New automated algorithm to calculate the percentage of muscle unloading during mechanical ventilation
CCCF ePoster library, Irene Telias, 150884
OPTIMAL Selection for and Timing to Start Renal Replacement in Critically Ill Older Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (OPTIMAL-AKI): A Prospective Observational Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Ron Wald, 150878
Critical Care at the End of Life: A Population-Level Retrospective Cohort Study of Cost and Outcomes in Ontario
CCCF ePoster library, Dipayan Chaudhuri, 155976
Impact of Initial Lactate Level on ED Management of Patients with Sepsis: A Multicentre Retrospective Cohort Study
CCCF ePoster library, Victor Lo, 155977
Driving pressure is not associated with hospital mortality in patients without ARDS.
CCCF ePoster library, Marcello Schmidt, 155978
Economic evaluation of the very elderly admitted to intensive care unit in Canada
CCCF ePoster library, Nicolas Chin-Yee, 155979
Therapeutic Efficacy of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived Extracellular Vesicles in pre-clinical Model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
CCCF ePoster library, Amir Khashayar Varkouhi, 155980
A Missed Opportunity? - The impact of witnessing CPR in shared hospital rooms on patients’ goals of care.
CCCF ePoster library, Jenna Spring, 155981
Intensive insulin therapy in severe traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
CCCF ePoster library, Hourmazd Haghbayan, 117314
The Impact of an In Situ Simulation Intervention on Interprofessional Collaboration during Critical Events.
CCCF ePoster library, Catherine Villemure, 117318
Moral Distress and Burnout Among Healthcare Providers in a Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care
CCCF ePoster library, Sean M Bagshaw, 117299

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